Jan 17th Daily Report

Plan Strategy
Manager & Maker
Jan 17th Daily Report [AM: Manager’s Plan | PM: Maker’s Plan]
I need to admit that I wasn’t deeply into TABLE yesterday because my student association, UWKSA, is welcoming new execs.
Yup, need to improve my time management skills
Note that I am running UWKSA, TABLE and Campus (my previous venture since W22 BET300)
As Derek is unavailable this week, will go for next week in addition to next week’s advisor
Instead, I will have 1-1 session with Ben from Problem Lab Advisor this week
Note to folks
You can also book with Problem Lab Advisor here:
Also, Problem Lab has great articles regarding Million Dollar Problems. You can learn what is the problem and how do we analyze it.
This week’s CTA changes to
Re-define my problem space
Although it is true that TABLE mainly focus on restaurants and their customers, as TABLE has interactive ads that could solve a million dollar problem, digital ads, I need to learn how to melt down these two problems to one ultimate problem or might need to focus on just one problem. Will discuss this with advisors.
This will be the main topic to discuss with Advisors
Improve BMC
Based on my new problem space, I will change it
Prepare Quantum Valley & Velocity $5K pitch competition
I decided to focus on raising funding through pitch competitions rather than developing prototypes, which means I want to validate my problem first instead of wasting - consuming - time hugely on developing apps
I learned from W22 BET 300 that developing MVPs in advance could advantage you to find whether your solution has a conviction in advance. However, I think for this venture, which is kind of B2B, instead of developing prototypes in advance, creating a landing page with a demo will be more beneficial to us as I even don’t have a restaurant to test my products and quality is significantly vital to us. And even before that, I want to check whether my problem has people’s pain points through pitch competitions, where advisors do that for me.
This is why I couldn’t upload my TermGoalActions and 1and15 Progress report yesterday as I need to re-write everything
ECo-op tasks
Today I have done and will do more on market research
I wrote some article reports: (<- this is just one of them / I am still writing other million dollar problems reports)