Jan 18th Daily Report

Plan Strategy
Manager's Plan
Jan 18th Daily Report [ALL-DAY: Manager’s Plan]
Ben’s session
It was the best session I ever had, Ben was in Restaurant industry, so he gave me lots of insights
I asked about problems
He said I should be more precise on labor costs
If there is over-staffing or under-staffing, owner will know it anyway and already. Why Table is needed?
Focus on restaurant’s specific one problem
Ask and see the biggest challenges and then see how tech can be implemented
Restaurant is very busy, might have no time to consider others
Other suggestions
Risk section of report
Cornerstone velocity
There are various restaurant roles
Learn more about the industry
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Coffee chat with Co-founder of OVRA
It was actually for UWKSA, but helpful to learn insights for VR industry, Venture, Networking and Student Organization
We might do co-hackathon!3
I have a meeting with KSA’s exec for onboarding on 8PM and will ask about restaurant experience (will update soon!)
Now I will find a specific problem that restaurant has instead of expanding a problem space before Derek’s session.