UWKSA Structure

Executive Team

The Executive team consists of three specialized teams: Senior Executive, Marketing, Finance and Events. The team works together to serve, empower and represent the students at the University of Waterloo by engaging, improving, and inspiring the community. VPs are elected by the Executive team and Student Council. Specialists are elected by the Executive team after resume evaluation and interview. Specialists help their VP and the team to achieve their team’s goal.

Senior Executive

The President and Vice President of the University of Waterloo Korean Students Association is responsible for all aspects of students association.
President: Minjae Lee
Vice President: Celine Chung


Finance team oversees the administrative and financial aspects of the association. The team is responsible for the partnership management, financial management, human resources, business operations and accounting. The team also lobbies to various levels of partners, organizations, governments, and universities.
Finance Lead (1)
Treasurer (3)


The purpose of Media team is to improve the media power of UWKSA. The team is mainly responsible for content generating, editing, publishing, and sharing to engage public on weekly basis. The team also manages Instagram and community, like Discord server.
Marketing Lead (1)
Marketing Coordinator (1-2)
Graphic Designer (3)


The purpose of the Events team is to support students to succeed in academics, careers, sports, and social. The team is mainly responsible for in-person event management and planning including promotion.
Events Lead (2)
Events Coordinator (3-5)