Jan 19th Daily Report

Plan Strategy
Maker's Plan
Note that I found that this daily report is quite helpful habit for me, so decided to use Daily Report for my general daily work just like a diary, so this may include work from UWKSA and Campus. It won’t be limited to TABLE, but trust me, TABLE is my primary objectiveTABLE ---
Reviewed all of reports (10+) that Ben sent me yesterday
I found that my solution was “helping” restaurants to succeed, not solving their problems
As restaurant industry is matured and solid, helping them won’t be that much attractive. Otherwise, I solve their problems
Thus, I will pivot my problem to one narrow specific problem that most restaurants have
Some surprising stats:
Number of households earning $100K or more is a one of key external drivers for full-service restaurant industry in Canada
Bars & Nightclubs are complementor of full-service restaurant industry in CA / Gambling industry is a competitor
28.3% of full-service restaurants in Canada are Asian restaurants and that is the biggest segments (36.1% are other restaurants and the second biggest segment is European accounts for 10%) -> It would be good to target Asian Restaurants
etc. You can find more details on TABLE notion (will update soon again)
Used ChatGPT to market research (You must try.. It’s amazing.. I feel useless tho..)
Did 1-1 customer survey with 3 students
Considering business Incubator
I decided what to do for TABLE this term
Do lots of pitch competitions as much as I can to get at least $20K in this term
that means find a solid problem (so next week’s main CTR will be finding a problem again)
I might pivot TABLE to CDP that even get dine-in customer’s data (just an idea yet, will think more tmrw)
Found some other startup competitors:
I spent most time developing MVP for Campus, the venture from BET300
Found that platform business (or SNS) will be very hard to succeed as Platform needs large amount of data from customers, but we don’t have customers
So, I choose three features for MVP that do not need large customer’s data
School Schedule that could be shared with their friends
School Location that friends can see where you are only if you are in the campus
Co-op Salary Dashboard
My term goal is to publish MVP on App Store this term
Discussed with this term’s BET 300 student (my friend actually) about his venture and my venture
Gave some tips about Problem, Research, Platform business, etc.
UWKSA’s onboarding for new execs are done! Did some presentation
Did resume critique for my friends