1 Minute Self Introduction

Hi, I’m Chris studying computer science at the University of Waterloo for three years.
I love to find people’s pain points and then create services from top to bottom.
For example, I have developed a project called opiCall that solves opioid overdose problems and was recognized by Western University Hackathon by receiving second place overall.
Also, I am a founder and president of the University of Waterloo Korean Students Association which solves networking absence. We have connected more than 200 Korean students in the KW region and raised more than one thousands dollar. We are still expanding the size.
Moreover, I have scaled a university social application idea to venture with the University of Waterloo and have co-founded an education IoT kit company with my friends. I am constantly developing new services now.
After defining various problems, to create the best service, I choose the best fit technology to use. This is how I learn new technologies.
Therefore, this is why I applied to this position and the team, where I will be collaborating in several technical areas and developing prototypes quickly to deliver world-class Apple products.