Ben’s session

Advisor Name
Ben Graham
Problem Lab Advisor at UW
Jan 22, 2022 2:30 PM to 3:15 PM
1 vs 1 Interview session

What to ask

Not sure how to define my problem; I only have a solution
Is it okay to have a problem that we don’t have platform for university students?
It seems market scale is too small as targeting university students
Only have 1.4M students in CA; is this still valuable?

What I learned

If you problem appears to have some social benefits or is in any way focused on improving the wellbeing of people, GreenHouse may be a good fit for your problem/solution https://uwaterloo.ca/stpauls/greenhouse
If you want a refresher on how to use the library's databases for your research, my colleague is hosting an event on this on Thursday, Jan 27 @5pm https://uwaterloo.ca/problem-lab/events
Do not target university students only, as we want well defined problem first, don’t limit the idea
Focus on problem first, not the solution