Rachel’s Email

Advisor Name
Rachel Figueiredo
Librarian at UW Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Feb 10, 2022 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM
BET 300 Weekly 1-1 Session
I have some ideas for your research:
You may want to conduct research on your user groups (gen X, gen Z, etc.) to get a sense for how each of them uses technology. I stumbled upon this article about Gen Z users, which may give insights into how different age brackets interact with social media and give you some thoughts on how to best structure a site like this that would be user-friendly to everyone.
On the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Guide I shared, you may want to search specifically in Statista or Factiva to get started:
In Statista, try simple one-word searches, for example “social media”
In Statista, you can also use the Global Consumer Survey, which is a survey run by this database that specifically asks consumer-related questions. Click the link for the Global Consumer Survey at the top of the screen, then click Start Your Research. From there, I searched for “social media” and found information on usage by type of social media site, preferences for ads on social media, etc.
In Factiva, you might want to start by searching for something like ("social network" OR "social media" OR "social platform") AND (university OR college OR "higher education")
In terms of the questions you have around business and how it’s impacted by university/college campus students, you could search for this topic in Factiva. You might also find it helpful to conduct some of your own original research because of how specific some of these questions are. At Waterloo you have access to help through the Survey Research Centre, which you could use to help you build a survey tool to get information from specific businesses in the area: