Derek's session #1

Advisor Name
Problem Lab Advisor at UW
Feb 2, 2022 7:15 PM to PM
BET 300 Class Session

What I learned

It is important to divide the roles well with Co-Founders.
Co-Founder means more than colleague, friends, and so on.
EF - Entrepreneur First
Have Co-Founder matching program
Good to apply right after graduation
Market research can be done with no product
Dropbox gathered customers and investors with short clip vidoe
Talk with customers
Has the customer admitted they have the same problem?
Does the customer believe it should be solved?
Have they tried to solve it before? Do they use your competitor?
Capital raising
Valley provides good investment opportunity in terms of effort and speed
Grant will raise money inefficiently later on
Every sentence for pitch needs to have opportunity or de-risk
There are at least five people who have tried to solve your problem