Article Report
Offline Restaurants Sales Structure
Increase customer transaction
Could be risky to increase it due to customers and competitors
Increase number of customers
Can’t just increase higher due to customer capacity
→ Increase profits
Customer Capacity is decided by
Number of tables
highly factored by restaurant’s physical size
Seat occupancy rate at peak-time
could be increased by dividing tables
Turnover rate
Restaurant’s performance is decided by
increase revenue
decrease costs
→ optimize operating costs
by improving touch point, where inefficiency occured
How to increase restaurant’s efficiency?
Mix strategy
manage irregular customer demand
make service flexiby by splitting tables
allocate right table according to customer’s type or preferences
Turnover strategy
manage all customer’s time in restaurant
Service supply capacity: 10 times (10 hours open, 780 maximum capacity)
Turnover rate: approx. 4.77 times (372 seats) → 47.7%
→ wasting 52.3% (408 seats) of supply capacity
Article’s opinion
Rather than increasing maximum capacity, optimize wasting capacity and promoting
According to simulation, changing 4 table seats to 2 table seats doubles service supply capacity
Share of 1 or 2 person household significantly increased, restaurants need to adopt new trends
Each restaurant has their unique customer-mix
Customer Mix = composition of customers + visiting pattern
How to find the best table mix?
Analyze and estimate customer-mix
respond to irregular visiting pattern
maximize service supply capacity
find inefficient spot
Optimize (split) tables based on customer-mix, customer’s needs, service concept, etc.
Make tables connectable
Make flexible group table seats
Set table allocation rules