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Problem Statement

Try to concisely describe the problem in 1-to-2 sentences
The consequences of an ineffective identity confirmation system can lead to significant problems, including security breaches, theft of sensitive information, and financial losses.

Scale of the Problem

Limit of 250 words / What industry or organizations are affected by the problem? / What market segment(s) are affected by the problem and how much revenue does it generate?
Background thinking process

Context of the Problem

Limit of 250 words / What background information about the present day is necessary to fully appreciate the problem you are analyzing? E.g., principles, terminology
Background thinking process

History of the Problem

Limit of 400 words / Think about 6-8 major events from the past that have affected or shaped the problem you are analyzing. You are welcome to use bullet points for this section.
Background thinking process

Failure Analysis

Limit of 400 words / What are the specific solutions that are designed to address the problem you are analyzing? / What criteria, elements, features would be important to include in a “good” solution to solve the problem?


Teams are encouraged to source facts, figures and other information they have included when describing the various parts of their chosen problem.

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